Foodbank Annual Report

Oswestry and Borders Food Bank


CTOD AGM 8 th November 2017

Report by Oswestry and Borders Food Bank

by Liz Jermy – manager.

By Liz Jermy
An amazing year and an incredible response from the harvest appeal….Over 3000kg or 3 tonnes of
food and nearly £3000 in donations. Contributions from 31 churches and 16 schools as well as
individual donations. The community have been so generous and we have been greatly blessed in
being able to replenish our stock.
First half of the financial year we have issued 516 vouchers and given away 10 tonnes of food. This
has gone to 1119 people including 363 children. The highest number of parcels went to those on low
income, then those with benefit changes and delays. 36 parcels went to the homeless. We are
seeing an increase in the complexities of need.
The CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Job Club has been running since September and is in its 8th
week. We have one to one support for the members and sometimes more. Jobs are being applied
for, CV’s written and uploaded onto Job search sites and we are helping to create a group of people
who are getting to know each other. One of the members is now on an Alpha course at Hope church;
he has started coming to church there. Another has asked us to pray for her. Albert Rd Church and
Hope Church are our partner churches with this project as well as CAP and ST&R Housing
The IT Drop in on a Wednesday has also been running for 8 weeks with, again, one to one support
for those who need assistance.
The support for the Syrian families continues and we have pledged some money towards driving
lessons for 2 of the men in Telford with an Arabic speaking instructor. We have also supported with
time, encouraging the ladies in their volunteering with us. We are partnered with the Diocese of
Lichfield with this project.
We have 40 volunteers over all the projects and they are greatly appreciated in their enthusiasm for
the work they do. A big thank you to all of them. It is wonderful how these volunteers are from
different churches and yet come together to form a fabulous community group. We do have some
volunteers who are Muslim and some professing no faith but we accept all who embrace the values
of the charity. We always pray together before we open the doors in the morning.
What’s next?
The Debt centre will begin from Feb 2018. This will be a project partnered with CAP, Cabin Lane and
The Cellar church. We will have a debt manager/coach who will be able to help 2 people a week with
debt by visiting them in their homes. We have received £3600 from Shropshire council to start us off
and a huge thank you to them. Anyone interested in supporting the work of the debt centre, please
see me or email me on
The next project will be a newsletter for the church community as we are aware that we need to
keep you updated through the year. I am also looking for a volunteer who would like to keep our
Facebook account active.
Thank you, Liz Jermy