Shropshire Historic Churches Trust

Shropshire is richly endowed with historic churches ....

There are over 350 churches in regular use, most over 700 years old.  Many of our churches are Listed Buildings, which signifies that they are of outstanding architectural and historic interest.  Responsibility for their maintenance and repair falls upon the individual parishes; they are not maintained or financed by the Church Commissioners, Diocese or State.  In Shropshire most churches are in rural areas where the congregations are often small and need help to cope with repairs, which are often urgent and expensive.

The Trust has now completed 21 years of work and has now given 232 grants to some 170 churches, worth almost £500,000.  The average grant in 2012 was just under £4,000, over 3 times the average grant awarded at the turn of the century.  Rarely is the SHCT the only grant provider, churches having to search diligently for other sources to raise substantial sums, with the hope that English Heritage will come to their rescue.

The work that our churches most often need is repair to the fabric: stone, brick, slate and wood.  With our unforgiving wet climate, leaking roofs, defective gutters, down-pipes and drains feature more than anything. Our advice is to seek help early from the Trust to prevent small problems becoming big ones. 


Each year, several members of our congregation undertake a sponsored bike ride or walk in aid of SHCT. Half the money raised goes to the Trust and half to the participating church. 
This year, Treasurer. Paul Evison, Colin, Tony Beasley, Dawn Milner, Jane
Wilkinson and Joan Bickford all did 16 or more miles and raised a
wonderful £585.00 this year (this includes a donation passed through the
Parish Office). Thanks to all who participated and enjoyed a lovely day for it.

See photos for a picture.

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