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Diocese of Lichfield
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Prayer Book Society
Prayer Book Society

Franciscan Society
The Society of Saint Francis

Visit Shropshire Churches
The web site of Shropshire Churches Tourism Group where the viewer can research churches of particular interest in Shropshire.

oswestryandborders foodbank.
A foodbank to assist people in need.

Jubilee Money Advice Service
A money advice centre based in Oswestry to assist people with financial advice and direction.

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
An excellent website full of information, resources and ideas. The umbrella group of CTOD.

Churches Together in Oswestry District
Website showing news, events and joint services of CTOD

Schools Christian Worker Project
Ben Mayho's website giving details of his wonderful work in schools and colleges.

Shropshire Housing Alliance
Shropshire Housing Alliance

Reviive Furniture Scheme

Reviive info
Reviive info