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The Annual General Meeting of the Ladies’ Group was held on the 2nd February. June, as Chairman, took us through the Agenda and the Chairman’s, the Secretary’s and the Treasurer’s Reports were read and accepted. The subscription for the coming year will remain at £15.00. The Officers and Committee were re-elected en bloc with grateful thanks from members for their hard work over the year.
The programme is below. It is planned to have an Afternoon Tea in July and for the 25 th celebration, there will be a dinner on Monday 5 th March 7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Centre at a cost of £15.00 per head. Everyone is welcome to join us but June must have numbers for the caterers by 18 th February. Please pay Mair, our Treasurer, before the evening. Remember to bring your own wine!! The Ladies’ Group will be hosting the Lent lunch on Wednesday, 21 February at 12.45 in the Parish Centre.
Glenda Evison said what a wonderful event the induction of the Revd. Harvey Gibbons had been on Sunday and thanked everyone for their hard work with the refreshments. Sue Tansley thanked all Church Wardens and those who had created the service. June then thanked everyone on behalf of the Church Wardens.
The Revd David Hart spoke on Annual General Meetings as new beginnings and outlined all the new beginnings we had in our lives for example going to school, leaving school and progressing through life. Each time getting to the top and then having to start again. We can achieve great things as we join in celebrating our AGM and the induction of Harvey with joy together. He then celebrated The Eucharist with us all. Afterwards we enjoyed refreshments, including some of the delicious cakes from Sunday!
Ann Boulton

St Oswald’s Ladies Group Meetings 2018/2019

April 9 - John Abram -  High Sherriff

May 14 - Erdigg (Wrexham) - Philip  the last Squire

June 4 - Janice Williams - The Grain Sheaf

July 2 - Afternoon Tea

August   No Meeting

September 3 - Shropshire & Staffordshire Blood Bikes

October 1 - Harvest - Rev. Harvey Gibbons

 November 5 -

December 3 -  Members night - Mrs Tamms Flushed with Pride

January 7 - Liz Jermy - Food Bank

February 4 - Annual dinner

March 4 - Annual General Meeting

A selection of photos from recent meetings.