Booking Process

St Oswald's Parish Centre
Booking Process

1)  Please read the information and safety regulations with regard to making a booking. If you accept these conditions, complete the booking request.
2)  Hire charges:
Main hall  £13.50 per hour
Lower hall £ 10 per hour.
3) On receipt of the booking request, the booking secretary will confirm (by e-mail or post) whether the centre would be available, a booking reference number and the hire cost involved.
4) Payment would be expected by the date of hire or otherwise as arranged.  Please make cheques payable to 'St. Oswald's Parish Church' or pay by on-line banking to :

20-77-85  A/c no. 40002208
stating the booking reference received with the confirmation.

Terms & Conditions of Hire (including safety regulations)
ï‚· The maximum capacity of the main hall is 100 persons provided that the kitchen is used only for the making of tea/coffee & cold drinks (has disabled access)
ï‚· The maximum capacity of the lower hall is 60 persons (please note - no disabled access)
ï‚· If hot food is to be prepared and served, the maximum permitted capacity of the main hall is 60 persons. At such times, the kitchen should not be considered a fire escape route and the green 'running man' sign above the door must be covered
ï‚· When hot food is being prepared, the kitchen must never be left unattended and children are not allowed in the kitchen at any time
ï‚· Arrangements will be made with the hirer regarding opening and locking up
ï‚· Tables and chairs should be stacked and stored as they were found at the commencement of the hire period

ï‚· All areas of the premises should be left in a clean and tidy condition
ï‚· Hirers must please take away all rubbish
ï‚· We reserve the right to make an additional cleaning charge if necessary
ï‚· All crockery, glasses and cutlery are to be washed, dried and returned to the respective cupboards
ï‚· There is a dishwasher which hirers may use in accordance with the displayed instructions and leave the machine empty, clean and pumped out
ï‚· Please note that hirers should bring their own tea towels
ï‚· A filter coffee machine can be used and if wanted, filter coffee can be supplied at £1.60 each sachet (which serves 12 small mugs)
ï‚· The Parish Centre is not licensed for the sale of alcohol; it is the hirers’ responsibility to apply to Shropshire Council for an Events Notice.
ï‚· If a fire emergency is discovered, the hirer's designated 'fire warden' should instruct another person to call 999
ï‚· Evacuation takes place through the main entry door (and the kitchen door if hot food is not being prepared) and after leaving the building, assemble in the Broad Walk
ï‚· The entrance hallway MUST NOT be obstructed with prams or buggies etc.
ï‚· The passageway leading to the church should not be used during an evacuation as the exits from the church itself may be locked
ï‚· The person in charge of the evacuation is responsible for ensuring that all 3 toilets are clear and the 2 halls and kitchen have been evacuated
ï‚· No re-admittance is allowed until the appropriate fire safety officer gives consent
ï‚· Hirers must ensure that any portable electrical equipment brought by the hirer has been tested for electrical safety and must display a valid P.A.T. label
ï‚· Limited car parking may be available in the designated spaces only and not on the grassed area. Emergency vehicle access must not  be obstructed
ï‚· To ensure security of personal property, when either hall is in use, it is essential that the outside gate is unlocked and the adjacent kitchen door is closed and locked with the Yale-type lock.  As this door is a Fire Exit, the mortise lock will be in the unlocked position and, in the event of evacuation, the Yale-type lock will then be openable from the inside.
ï‚· Where the hiring involves children or vulnerable adults, the organisation should possess their own safeguarding policy (including CRB disclosures). This should be available on request by any representative of St Oswald's Church

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