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 PEW SHEET, week beginning  16th JUNE 2024, Click HERE

PEW SHEET, week beginning 23rd June 2024 Click HERE

WEDDINGS, BAPTISMS, FUNERALS, etc:-CONTACT THE CHURCH OFFICE - email Carron for a convenient appointment time during the week if you need to meet up. Emails are monitored daily and responded to within twenty-four hours (usually)...or ring 01691 652861 and leave a message

Book club meeting fortnightly in parish centre. Next meeting Weds 26th June  at 1930 reading Questioning God - Timothy Radcliffe & Lukasz Popko.  . Contact Carron in the office for more info.

THE VERONICA DONKIN MEMORIAL ORGAN RECITAL will be held on Saturday 29th June at 7.30 pm. Recital will be given by Paul Parsons currently Organist at Pontigny Abbey, France.

There will be no charge for entry but a retiring collection will be taken to support the music at St. Oswald’s.

JASSICA'S BIBLE STUDY. Every two weeks. Next meeting Thursday 18th Ju;y, 2.00 pm in St. Catherine's Chapel. Studying the Creed. Books £5.00 available in the Parish Office. ALL WELCOME. IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN!

2024 is the ‘sesquicentennial’ anniversary
(150th) of the Victorian reordering of St.
Oswalds. A range of events is being arranged from June to October. 

Click HERE  for the Calendar of Events. 

When: 19th June 2024 at 7:30pm
7pm- (optional) prayer before the meeting
7pm-7:30pm free refreshments and cakes in the cafe
Where: at Cabin Lane New Life Centre, Oswestry.

Come and hear how the last year has gone; the latest stats and data at both local and national level and to learn more about the support services, who are working with us to end the need for foodbanks.
Guest speaker: Women’s Aid.
Phone: 0300 102 0110

MORNING PRAYER will be in the Lady Chapel at 9am on Mondays and Tuesdays. It

continues online on Wednesday to Friday. All welcome to this 20 minute time of prayer

STREAMING OF SERVICES: Would you like to know how we stream our services on You Tube? Would you like to help? Do you have a young person who might be interested? Speak with Carron for more information.

If you have a couple of mornings a fortnight free
and would like to be involved in taking out
Communion to people unable to attend church
please contact Keith Musson in church or on

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED to help with the
streaming of services on Sunday mornings.
Please contact Alan Neale if you are interested.

PLACE OF WELCOME Tuesdays in the Parish Centre 10.30 - 12.30 for coffee,

company and chat. Everyone welcome

RECYCLING FOR GOOD CAUSES – 1 Empty Printer Ink Cartridges

You’ll all be pleased to know that on the 1st May I sent off our first full box of empty printer ink cartridges to Recycle4Charity.

Our account with Recycle4Charity shows that the contents of our first full box of used ink cartridges raised £44.50 for Hope House, our chosen charity.

The company accepts all makes of printer ink cartridges e.g. Brother; Canon; Epson; HP; - both branded originals and remanufactured. Their value to our chosen charity ranges from as little as 10p (for the remanufactured varieties) to as much as £1.75 for some of the Canon cartridges – but most of the branded varieties which would otherwise end up in landfill are worth at least £1.00 each so please encourage your friends and neighbours to save them for you to bring into church –

Let’s see how soon we can fill our second box!

Here are some facts to encourage you –

 45 million cartridges end up in landfill each year, in the UK alone

 Cartridges take up to 1,000 years to decompose so it makes sense to re-use them as many times as possible.

Well done everyone - keep up the good work!!


Yes, we are still collecting used stamps, and they are still being passed to Richard & Mary Beaman, who gather stamps from various sources in the Oswestry area, sort them and trim them before sending them on - but - I don’t think we’ve ever explained where they send them on to!

They are sent to an organisation called The Stamp Fellowship which began life in 1946 by collecting used stamps to sell to collectors in order to raise money for Mary Lovell’s Home for Blind Girls in Jerusalem. 

Today the Fellowship is still going strong and in the last four years alone has raised £21,000 for the Embrace charity which supports education projects across the Middle East. The ‘Embrace the Middle East’ charity is 170 years old this year.

The Fellowship has been run for the past 20 years by volunteer Gordon Young, who singlehandedly uses his expertise to both sort and sell the stamps to a network of collectors. His ‘Embrace Thrifty Fifties’ packs of fifty stamps based on a country or a theme are particularly popular

Needless to say they don’t make much money out of UK stamps these days, both foreign and themed stamps are worth far more, but as the saying goes ‘every little helps’ – so please carry on collecting. The stamps don’t need to be trimmed just make sure you leave as much space as possible around them.

If you want to know more or if you are a stamp collector who would be interested in buying stamps from The Stamp Fellowship, please go to


Chris. Abram

CHURCH PRAYER BOOK –  is kept in the church office as before and names can be added to it personally when the office is open, or by posting names/prayer requests in the prayer box in church. The prayer box is opened ahead of the main Sunday service


You can check the Foodbank website for up-to-date lists of their urgently needed items.

If you are unable to get out to make a donation of food, please consider a Standing Order to the Foodbank.  Here are the bank details:-

Bank: HSBC

sort code: 40-35-32

Account number 11785451

name; Oswestry and Borders foodbank.



Visit our page at :-

 St Oswald's Parish Church, Oswestry.




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