Morning Prayer

     Services can be seen live from 9.00 onwards on Facebook at and on this page a little later.

    Readings for this week

      Monday 6th        Psalm 44 / Isaiah 30:1-18 / Matthew 14:1-12

      Tuesday 7th        Ps.56 / Isaiah 30:19-end / Matt.14:13-end

      Wednesday 8th   Ps 62 / Isaiah ch.31 / Matt.15:1-20

      Thursday 9th       Ps.54 / Isaiah ch.32 / Matt.15:21-28

      Friday 10th          Ps.86 / Isaiah 33:1-22 / Matt.15:29-end

      Saturday 11th      Ps.145 / Isaiah ch.35 / Matt.16:1-12    for you to read at home.

This week we celebrate on 6th Nicholas, Bishop of Myra; on 7th Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Teacher of the Faith; on 8h The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Tuesday 7th December


Sunday 5th December,  Advent 2

Prayers, hymn numbers and readings for the Parish Eucharist are on the weekly pew sheet, click HERE.



    A Liturgy of Prayers for Healing

A short set of readings and prayers with times of silence for you to say your own prayers and petitions. If you need more silence then just hit the pause button.